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company news about Advantages of Suede Yoga Mat

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Company News
Advantages of Suede Yoga Mat
Latest company news about Advantages of Suede Yoga Mat



1.High grade has taste. Suede is soft, smooth, lightweight and feels good. It looks much more expensive than other fabrics.

2.Style is unique. Suede fabrics are plump and delicate on the surface, because their surface fibers are very thin, forming a multi-layered structure with small reflective, glossy and soft colors. Fine fiber bending stiffness (the ability of objects to resist bending deformation) is small, highlighting elegant and natural feeling.

3.Because the surface fiber is thin and porous and dense, it gives the fabric good water absorption and oil absorption. The microporous structure of fabric allows more static air in the fabric, thus obtaining better heat insulation and warmth retention function.


4.The performance of water proof and vapour permeable is remarkable. The diameter of raindrops is generally between 100~200 and m, while the water vapor of human body is about 0.1 M. As long as the shrinkage rate is controlled and the gap is changed, the Sea Island high density fabric with only 0.2 ~ 10 m gap can be woven, which gives the fabric excellent waterproof and vapour performance.


5.The ability to decontamination is strong. Because the specific surface area of fine fiber is large and the space is numerous and dense, it gives the fabric a very strong cleaning effect. The cleaning products made from suede fabrics are very soft and will never scratch the cleaned items.


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