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company news about The Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mat Manufacturers

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China Rise Group Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
The Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mat Manufacturers
Latest company news about The Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mat Manufacturers


A yoga mat is an indispensable tool for yoga lovers, with the improvement of the quality of life. Everyone began to care more about their health. For a yoga mat that has to be in contact with the body for a long time, whether its material is safe is a topic of concern to people. So today this article will introduce the better environmentally friendly yoga mat manufacturers in the market.


Which materials are eco-friendly

Natural rubber (except for a slightly higher price, basically no disadvantages!)

TPE (there is now an upgraded version of FINE TPE material, both in terms of performance and tactility are only inferior to the rubber pad, but the price is easy to accept)

PU (this material is basically made by combining with rubber)

Natural materials, linen, cotton and other materials. It has the same properties as rubber and adds antibacterial properties.


The benefits of choosing an eco-friendly yoga mat

The biggest advantage of environmentally friendly yoga mats over ordinary yoga mats is that they are safe and harmless. The PVC yoga mat is the most numerous yoga mat on the market. Because the yoga mat of this material is very cheap, many people buy it. But PVC material is unhealthy. Long-term use of this yoga mat may even cause some harm to the human body. If you plan to use yoga mats for a long time, please stay away from PVC and choose safer and environmentally friendly yoga mats. It is recommended to buy or use natural rubber yoga mats. This is recognized as the safest and most environmentally friendly material.


Eco-friendly Yoga Mat Manufacturer Brand


The company has always provided high-quality environmentally friendly mats for beginners. It has passed the OekoTex certification (the most authoritative and influential textile eco-label in the world, ensuring that it is harmless to ecological safety). It is a well-known brand in the yoga mat industry.


Jade Yoga

It comes from the United States and is currently the leading product of the highest-end natural yoga mats in the world. The raw materials of each Jade Yoga mat are extracted from the regenerated resources of the unique rubber tree in the United States, and are made of special craftsmanship, which has strong comfort and faster elastic recovery. It is made of 100% pure natural rubber, which is natural and environmentally friendly (no harm to children), suitable for all kinds of people, and does not contain any chemical additives such as PVC, TPE, PER, etc.



The core competence of GAIAM's statement is a sustainable and healthy life and this belief extends to its commitment to environmentally friendly products. From yoga blocks made of 100% natural cork to meditation chairs made of earth-friendly rattan and sustainable kapok, Gaiam goes beyond yoga mats. But its cushion can be found in materials such as all-natural jute, and can reach a thickness of 8mm.


Recommendations for choosing an eco-friendly yoga mat manufacturer

For many distributors, shops, studios who wish to buy eco-friendly yoga mats in bulk, it is recommended to choose the most competitive manufacturer.


Risegroup is a great choice for those who are engaged in the wholesale business. In the past 12 years, it has been the preferred supplier of environmentally friendly yoga mats in Europe, America and other countries.


Risegroup can meet such requirements, and it will be a good choice when you consider choosing a Chinese yoga mat manufacturer. Here are 5 reasons why Risegroup is a good choice for you:


1.More than 10 years of manufacturing and sales experience in the field of yoga

2.ODM service will design hundreds of safe and harmless yoga mat products for customers

3.Have a variety of yoga products, yoga balls, wheels, yoga blocks and other supporting products

4.In line with international certification, with various certificates, safe and reliable.

5.Product prices are more attractive than other manufacturers.


If you need wholesale eco-friendly yoga mats, then you can contact us. Our high-quality yoga mats will not let you down!

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